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Results from Munster Regional Athletics, O'Sullivan Park, Lees Road, Ennis, Sat 23rd July.

Results from National Community Games Athletics Track and Field Finals, Carlow, Sat 13th August.

The National Community Games Arts and Cultural provisional Events Timetable, which is taking place on the 27th and 28th August at VISUAL Carlow, is now published online:

Community Games Calendar of Events for 2022.

The next County Meeting takes place on Tuesday 6th Sept @ 8:30pm. This meeting will be in Treacy's West County Hotel and there will also be a Google Meet link circulated to areas in advance.

May Festival 2019

The St Francis Credit Union Clare Community Games had fantastic results at the Community Games May National Finals in U.L. over the weekend (24th -26th May). One hundred and ninety five children from twenty eight areas across the county participated in a wide variety of sporting and cultural events - Swimming, Duathlon, Chess, Mixed Distance Relay, Cross Country, Marathon, Gymnastics, Handball, Choir, Handwriting. Art, Model Making, Projects, Music, Singing, Dancing, Drama, Quiz, Debating. Clare got Gold in Six events, Silver in Fourteen, Bronze in Fifteen and fourth in Five. Some children brought two medals both individual and team. Clare children brought home 115 medals. The standard was extremely high and some were unlucky not to be amongst the medal winners. 


See full album of photos on Facebook courtesy of Mary Loughnane.


  • Sean Conway – Ennis St John’s - U10 Backstroke
  • Saoirse Kent – Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly – U12 Solo Dance
  • Jack Leahy – Cratloe – U16 Model Making
  • U12 Group Drama/Comedy – Tulla – Eabha McNamara, Zoe Quinn
  • U12 Group Music – Newmarket-on-Fergus – Diarmuid & Gearoid Crowe, Emma & Kate Jones
  • Marathon Boys Team – Barry Conway – Ballynacally/Lissycasey, Luke Griffin – Ballynacally, Niall Murphy – Quin/Clooney, CianO’Boyle – Ennis St Johns


  • U16 Chess – Ennis St John’s – Naem Haq, Diarmuid Kilroy, Ronan Marren, Sam Montwell, Dylan Murphy, Ronan Kilroy, Cian Pyne
  • U13 Cross Country Team – Aidan Considine – Cooraclare/Cree, Gemma Galvin – Kilrush, Nicole Keane – Inagh/Kilnamona/Cloonanaha, Aoife Lillis – Cooraclare/Cree, Joe Mannion – Doora/Barefield, Colm McMahon – Doonbeg, Lisa Nicholas – Tulla, Ian Ryan – Doonbeg, Lucy Shannon – Doora/Barefield, Darragh Townsend – Cooraclare/Cree
  • U14 Girls Mixed Distance Relay – Avril Lillis – Doora/Barefield, Holly O’Boyle – Ennis St John’s, Grace Rynne – Ennis St John’s, Ciara Frawley – Doora/Barefield, Ellen Mannion – Doora.Barefield, Louise O’Mahony – Sixmilebridge/Kilmurry
  • U14 Boys Mixed Distance Relay – Sean Fennell – Kilrush, Charlie Hannon - Doora/ Barefield, Fionn O’Mara – Killanena/Flagmount, Daire Culligan – Ballynacally/ Lissycasey
  • Niall Murphy – Quin/Clooney – Marathon Individual
  • Tiernan Slattery – Derg – U16 Handball
  • Leanne Liddane – Carrigaholt/Cross – U14 Butterfly
  • Sybil Perkins – U16 Butterfly
  • Leah O’Connor – Doora/Barefield – U10 Freestyle
  • U12 Group Dance – Doora/Barefield – Olwyn Keane, Sofie Keane
  • Debating Team – Tommy Brooks – Quin/Clooney, Roisin O’Dwyer – Lisdoonvarna/D/K/K., Muiris Quinn – Moylussa, Caden Smith – Moylussa
  • Group Singing U16 – Quin/Clooney – Saoirse Brennan, Lily Hawton, Aoife McHugh, Ciara O’Dwyer, Sive Timmons, Aoife Toher
  • U13 Boys Squad – Ennis St John’s – Tadgh Conway, Rhys Flynn, Ferdia Hayes, Leo Liu, Stephen Wang
  • Marathon Girls Team – Katy Arthur, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Grace Carmody, Inch/ Kilmaley/Connolly, Saoirse Crowe – Kilrush, Mary Ann Murray – Killanena/Flagmount


  • Tiernan Nijs – Derg – U16 Back Stroke
  • James Rochford – Ennis St John’s – U13 Gymnastics
  • Cormac Byrne – Miltown Malbay – U16 Solo Singing
  • Morgan Leahy – Cratloe – Model Making U12
  • Evie Quinn – Tulla – U12 Model Making
  • Holly Downes – Kilmihil – U10 Handwriting
  • Saoirse Crowe – Kilrush – Marathon Individual
  • Tadhg O’Leary – Inagh/Kilnamona/Cloonanaha – U14 Art
  • Muavia Ujaz Ghazi – Doora/Barefield – U16 Art
  • Gemma Galvin – Kilrush – Individual U13 Cross Country
  • Mixed Distance Relay U12 Boys – Jack Dilleen – Doora/Barefield, Gabriel Fennell – Cooraclare/Cree, Joseph McMahon – Kilrush, Tom Arthur – Moylussa, Finn Duignan – Ennis St John’s, Luke Reid – Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly
  • Choir U16 – Clarecastle/Ballyea – Ava Courtney, Alma Carey, Aoibhinn Corbett, Ivanna Costelloe, Caoimhe Francis, Sarah Gorman, Alannah Hayes, Derrin Healy, Mairead McNamara, Katelyn Talty, Saoirse Talty
  • Chess U13 – Ennis St John’s – Egor Galyants, Najib Haq, Conall McCarthy, Odhran Murphy, James Rochford, Dylan Rush, Leo Liu
  • Quiz – Tulla – Finn Boyce, Cathal Culloo, Katelyn Leamy, Liam Moroney, Lisa Nicholas, Evie Quinn
  • Project U13 – Tulla – Joanna McCarthy, Maeve Rochford


  • Aoife Lillis – Cooraclare/Cree - U13 Cross Country Individual
  • Luke Griffin – Ballynacally/Lissycasey – Marathon Individual
  • Tadgh Conway – Ennis St John’s – U12 Back Stroke
  • U16 Group Dance – Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly – Leilani & Saoirse Kent
  • U11 Project – Lisdoonvarna/D/K/K. – Aidan Garrahy, Ben Spencer Schefzig, Alfie Whelan, Patrick Byrne O’Connell

01 may festival 2019 

Full List of Clare Participants

CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Caoimhe Byrne O' Connell
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Ailbhe Connor
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Sean Og Creedon
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Laura Dunne
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Flynn Egan
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Aine Kelly
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Caoimhe Kelly
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Michaela Kelly
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Eilidh Lawless
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Eva Lynch
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Ciara Mcdonnell
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Elizabeth Mcmahon
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Ailbhe Moyles
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Cara Moyles
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Clodagh Moyles
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Niamh O' Loughlin
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Casey Tuohy
CHOIR U13 L.D.K.K. Aisling Vaughan
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Ava Courtney
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Alma Carey
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Aoibhinn Corbett
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Ivanna Costelloe
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Caoimhe Francis
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Sarah Gorman
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Alannah Hayes
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Derrin Healy
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Kiya Healy
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Mairead Mcnamara
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Katelyn Talty
CHOIR U16 Clarecastle/Ballyea Saoirse Talty
GROUP SINGING U16 Quin/Clooney Saoirse Brennan
GROUP SINGING U16 Quin/Clooney Lily Hawton
GROUP SINGING U16 Quin/Clooney Aoife Mchugh
GROUP SINGING U16 Quin/Clooney Ciara O Dwyer
GROUP SINGING U16 Quin/Clooney Sive Timmons
GROUP SINGING U16 Quin/Clooney Aoife Toher
GROUP DANCE U16 Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly Leilani Kent
GROUP DANCE U16 Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly Saoirse Kent
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Ennis St John's Cormac Keogh
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Ennis St John's Ronan Kilroy
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Ennis St John's Sergie Partic
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Ennis St John's Cian Pyne
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Ennis St John's Gavin Ryan
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Ennis St John's John Touhy
DRAMA COMEDY U12 Tulla Eabha Mcnamara
DRAMA COMEDY U12 Tulla Zoe Quinn
DRAMA COMEDY U16 Feakle Emma Mcmahon
DRAMA COMEDY U16 Feakle Maria Moloney
GROUP MUSIC U16 Quin/Clooney Aisling Egan
GROUP MUSIC U16 Quin/Clooney Doireann Egan
GROUP DANCE U12 Doora/Barefield Olwyn Keane
GROUP DANCE U12 Doora/Barefield Sofie Keane
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Lauren Brett
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Lucy Crean
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Isabella Logue
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Lauren Mccarthy
GROUP MUSIC U12 Newmarket-on-Fergus Diarmuid Crowe
GROUP MUSIC U12 Newmarket-on-Fergus Gearoid Crowe
GROUP MUSIC U12 Newmarket-on-Fergus Emma Jones
GROUP MUSIC U12 Newmarket-on-Fergus Kate Jones
GROUP SINGING U12 Quin/Clooney Molly Gardiner
GROUP SINGING U12 Quin/Clooney Ellen Mccarthy
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Doora/Barefield Elin Blake
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Doora/Barefield Ella Bohannon
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Doora/Barefield Olivia Cosgrove
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Doora/Barefield Saoirse Davis
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Doora/Barefield Kate Moran
SWIMMING SQUAD U16 Doora/Barefield Ciara Mulligan
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Tadgh Conway
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Rhys Flynn
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Ferdia Hayes
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Leo Liu
SWIMMING SQUAD U13 Ennis St John's Stephen Wang
QUIZ U14 Tulla Finn Boyce
QUIZ U14 Tulla Cathal Culloo
QUIZ U14 Tulla Katelyn Leamy
QUIZ U14 Tulla Liam Moroney
QUIZ U14 Tulla Lisa Nicholas
QUIZ U14 Tulla Evie Quinn
PROJECT U11 L.D.K.K. Patrick Byrne O' Connell
PROJECT U11 L.D.K.K. Aidan Garrahy
PROJECT U11 L.D.K.K. Ben Spencer Schefzig
PROJECT U11 L.D.K.K. Alfie Whelan
PROJECT U13 Tulla Joanna Mccarthy
PROJECT U13 Tulla Maeve Rochford
CHESS U13 Ennis St John's Egor Galyants
CHESS U13 Ennis St John's Najib Haq
CHESS U13 Ennis St John's Conall Mccarthy
CHESS U13 Ennis St John's Odhran Murphy
CHESS U13 Ennis St John's James Rochford
CHESS U13 Ennis St John's Dylan Rush
CHESS U13 Ennis St John's Leo Liu
CHESS U16 Ennis St John's Naem Haq
CHESS U16 Ennis St John's Diarmuid Kilroy
CHESS U16 Ennis St John's Ronan Marren
CHESS U16 Ennis St John's Sam Montwill
CHESS U16 Ennis St John's Dylan Murphy
CHESS U16 Ennis St John's Ronan Kilroy
CHESS U16 Ennis St John's Cian Pyne
U 13 HANDBALL Kilkishen - OCallaghan Mills - Oatfield Darragh Baker
U 13 HANDBALL Kilkishen - OCallaghan Mills - Oatfield Eadaoin Moroney
U 16 HANDBALL Derg Tiarnan Slattery
U 16 HANDBALL Lisdoonvarna Sadbh O' Loughlin
U 10 HANDWRITING Sixmilebridge-Kilmurry Tommy Healy
U 10 HANDWRITING Kilmihil Holly Downes
U 12 HANDWRITING Derg Max Mckenna
U 12 HANDWRITING Ballynacally-Lissycasey Saoirse Conway
U 10 MODEL MAKING Quin - Clooney Seamus Mcguire
U 10 MODEL MAKING Doora Barefield Roisin Murphy
U 12 MODEL MAKING Cratloe Morgan Leahy
U 12 MODEL MAKING Tulla Evie Quinn
U 14 MODEL MAKING Ennistymon - Lahinch - Liscannor Darragh Lambe
U 14 MODEL MAKING Tulla Lisa Nicholas
U 16 MODEL MAKING Cratloe Jack Leahy
U 8 ART Ballynacally/Lissycasey Aoife O'Rourke
U 10 ART Ruan Eryn Moroney
U 12 ART Ruan Tara Moroney
U 14 ART Sixmilebridge/Kilmurry Joanna Grzybkowska
U 16 ART Broadford/Kilbane/Kilmore Kathy O'Farrell
U 8 ART Sixmilebridge/Kilmurry Jack Monahan
U 10 ART Tulla Sean Og Murphy
U 12 ART Ennis St John's Conor Coffey
U 14 ART Inagh/Kilnamona/Cloonanaha Tadhg O'Leary
U 16 ART Doora/Barefield Muavia Ljazghazi
U 15 DUATHLON Moylussa Diarmuid Coleman
U 15 DUATHLON Ennis St John's Ruth Leyden
U 9 GYMNASTICS Ennis St John's Adam Rochford
U 9 GYMNASTICS Meelick/Coonagh Bridget Maloney
U 11 GYMNASTICS Doora/Barefield Finian Lynam
U 11 GYMNASTICS Tulla Zoe Quinn
U 13 GYMNASTICS Ennis St John's James Rochford
U 13 GYMNASTICS L.D.K.K. Ciara McDonnell
U 15 GYMNASTICS Newmarket-on-Fergus Aoife Fahy
U 10 Backstroke Ennis St Johns Sean Conway
U 10 Backstroke Doora Barefield Laoise Moore
U 12 Backstroke Ennis St John's Tadgh Conway
U 12 Backstroke Ennis St John's Isabelle Logue
U 8 Freestyle Kilkishen - OCallaghan Mills - Oatfield Filipe Wodjak
U 8 Freestyle Ennis St Johns Charley Tess Duggan
U 10 Freestyle Doora Barefield Shane Dilleen
U 10 Freestyle Doora Barefield Leah O' Connor
U 14 Backstroke Ennis St John's Leo Liu
U 14 Backstroke Quin - Clooney Jodie Perkins
U 16 Backstroke Derg Tiarnan Nijs
U 16 Backstroke Tulla Laura Nolan
U 12 Breaststroke Ennis St John's Stephen Wang
U 12 Breaststroke Doora Barefield Honor Murphy
U 14 Breaststroke Ennis St John's Ferdia Hayes
U 14 Breasstroke Kilrush Gemma Galvin
U 14 Butterfly Sixmilebridge-Kilmurry Oisin O' Grady
U 14 Butterfly Carrigaholt-Cross Leanna Liddane
U 16 Butterfly Tulla Sam Purcell
U 16 Butterfly Quin - Clooney Sybil Perkins
U 12 Freestyle Doora Barefield Graham Ball
U 12 Freestyle Doora Barefield Ingrid Murphy
U 14 Freestyle Doora Barefield Darragh Ball
U 14 Freestyle Doora/Barefield Elin Blake
U 16 Freestyle Ennistymon - Lahinch - Liscannor Kyran Droney
U 16 Freestyle Ennis St Johns Grainne Hayes
U 12 Music Clarecastle Ballyea Conor Parry
U 16 Music Feakle Edel Cusack
U 12 Recitation Newmarket-on-Fergus Amy O' Rourke
U 16 Recitation Clarecastle Ballyea Hannah Morrissey
Solo Singing U 12 Quin - Clooney Keelin Clune
Solo Singing U 16 Miltown - Malbay Cormac Byrne O' Connell
Solo Dance U 12 Inch Kilmaley Co Saoirse Kent
Solo Dance U 16 Inch Kilmaley Co Leilani Kent
DEBATING Quin - Clooney Tommy Brooks
DEBATING Lisdoonvarna Roisin O' Dwyer
DEBATING Moylusa Muiris Quinn
DEBATING Moylusa Caden Smith
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Cooraclare-Cree Aidan Considine
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Kilrush Gemma Galvin
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Inagh - Kilnamona Nicole Keane
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Cooraclare-Cree Aoife Lillis
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Doora Barefield Joe Mannion
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Doonbeg Colm Mcmahon
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Tulla Lisa Nicholas
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Doonbeg Ian Ryan
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Doora Barefield Lucy Shannon
CROSS COUNTRY U13 Cooraclare-Cree Darragh Townsend
MARATHON U16 Newmarket-on-Fergus Katy Arthur
MARATHON U16 Inch - Kilmaley - Connolly Grace Carmody
MARATHON U16 Kilrush Saoirse Crowe
MARATHON U16 Killanenaaaa-Flagmount Mary Ann Murray
MARATHON U16 Ballynacally-Lissycasey Barry Conway
MARATHON U16 Ballynacally-Lissycasey Luke Griffin
MARATHON U16 Quin - Clooney Niall Murphy
MARATHON U16 Ennis St Johns Cian O' Boyle
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Doora Barefield Jack Dilleen
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Cooraclare-Cree Gabriel Fennell
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Kilrush Joseph Mcmahon
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Clarecastle Ballyea Hayley Barrett
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Corofin-Kilnaboy Tara Carey
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Doonbeg Allisha Ryan
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Ennis St Johns Finn Duignan
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Inch - Kilmaley - Connolly Luke Reid
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Carrigaholt-Cross Clara Keogh
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Killanena - flagmount Caoillinn O' Mara
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U12 Doonbeg Aoibheann Ryan
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Doora Barefield Avril Lillis
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Ennis St Johns Holly O' Boyle
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Ennis St Johns Grace Rynne
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Doora Barefield Ciara Frawley
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Doora Barefield Ellen Mannion
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Sixmilebridge-Kilmurry Louise O' Mahony
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Kilrush Sean Fennell
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Doora Barefield Charlie Hannon
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Killanena - flagmount Fionn O' Mara
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Ballynacally-Lissycasey Daire Culligan
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Doonbeg Gerard Dunne
MIXED DISTANCE RELAY U14 Inch - Kilmaley - Connolly Harry Hamel

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