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Results from Munster Regional Athletics, O'Sullivan Park, Lees Road, Ennis, Sat 23rd July.

Results from National Community Games Athletics Track and Field Finals, Carlow, Sat 13th August.

The National Community Games Arts and Cultural provisional Events Timetable, which is taking place on the 27th and 28th August at VISUAL Carlow, is now published online:

Community Games Calendar of Events for 2022.

The next County Meeting takes place on Tuesday 6th Sept @ 8:30pm. This meeting will be in Treacy's West County Hotel and there will also be a Google Meet link circulated to areas in advance.

Swimming 2013

The Munstergroup Clare Community Games Swimming finals were held recently in Ennis and co-ordinated by Claire McGrath. The gold medal winners go forward to represent Clare in the national finals in Athlone at the end of May.

Girls Results

  • U-8 freestyle: 1. Olivia Cosgrove, Doora/Barefield; 2. Lucy Shanahan, Doonbeg; 3. Ellen McEnery, Clarecastle/Ballyea; 4. Emily McDonagh, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Lisccannor.
  • U-10 freestyle: 1. Kate McDonnell, Doora/Barefield; 2. Jill O’Sullivan, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 3. Shauna O’Gorman, Cooraclare/Cree; 4. Grainne O’Doherty, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor.
  • U-10 backstroke: 1. Aisling Hurson, Ennis St John’s; 2. Aoibhinn Leyden, Ennis; 3. Ava Lenihan, Doora/Barefield; 4. Tara Lynch, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Lisccannor.
  • U-12 freestyle: 1. Emma O’Brien, Clarecastle/Ballyea; 2. Aoife Madigan, Corofin/Kilnaboy; 3. Staunton O’Doherty, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 4. Jody O’Halloran, Cratloe.
  • U-12 backstroke: 1. Elise Pyne, Ennis St John’s; 2. Lucy Nunan, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 3. Laura Devitt, Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly; 4. Andrea Murphy Wright, Cratloe.
  • U-12 breaststroke: 1. Leah McMahon, Doora/Barefield; 2. Hannah Garrigan, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 3. Ella Doherty, Clarecastle/Ballyea; 4. Sophie O’Looney, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor.
  • U-14 freestyle: 1. Briana Fennell, Quin/Clooney; 2. Aisling McGrath, Quin/Clooney; 3. Amy Lenihan, Doora/Barefield; 4. Ella Honan, Ennis St John’s.
  • U-14 backstroke: 1. Tara McEvoy, Doora/Barefield; 2. Alfrey Perkins, Tulla; 3. Nicole Casey, Derg; 4. Keeva McHugh, Doora/Barefield.
  • U-14 breaststroke: 1. Aoife Floyd, Tulla; 2. Eva Guinnane, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 3. Ciara Kennedy, Doora/Barefield; 4. Aisling Reidy, Doora/Barefield.
  • U-14 butterfly: 1. Ivana Pyne, Ennis St John’s; 2. Laura McDonnell, Doora/Barefield; 3. Niamh Quinlan, Doora/Barefield; 4. Caelainn Lyons, Ennis St John’s.
  • U-16 freestyle: 1. Aoife Deane, Quin/Clooney; 2. Aoife Barry, Quin/Clooney; 3. Suzanne Conneely, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor.
  • U-16 backstroke: 1. Eimear McGrath, Quin/Clooney; 2. Isobel Coleman, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 3. Sinead Rooney –Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly.
  • U-16 butterfly: 1. Rachel O’Brien, Corofin/Kilnaboy; 2. Rachel McMahon, Ennis St John’s; 3. Aoibhin O’Sullivan, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 4. Katie Haren, Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly.
  • U-13 freestyle relay: 1. Doora/Barefield; 2. Clarecastle/Ballyea; 3. Ennis St John’s; 4. Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor.
  • U-16 medley relay: 1. Quin/Clooney; 2. Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 3. Ennis St John’s; 4. Doora/Barefield.

Boys Results

  • U-8 freestyle: 1. Luke Davis, Kilmurry McMahon/Labasheeda; 2. Paddy Nagle, Doora/Barefield; 3. Sam O’Connor, Ennistymon/Lahinch/ Liscannor; 4. Marco Cleary, Ennis St John’s.
  • U-10 freestyle: 1. Tiernan Nijs, Derg; 2. Fintan Ingram, Doora/Barefield; 3. Kyran Droney, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 4. Oisin Madigan, Corofin/Kilnaboy.
  • U-10 backstroke: 1. James Curran, Doora/Barefield; 2. Tadhg Floyd, Tulla; 3. John O’Sullivan, Crusheen/Ballinruan; 4. Luke Murphy, Cratloe.
  • U-12 freestyle: 1. Dylan O’Brien, Corofin/Kilnaboy; 2. Liam Lenihan, Miltown Malbay; 3. Sean McGrath, Quin/Clooney.
  • U-12 backstroke: 1. Sabian Kulczynski, Clarecastle/Ballyea; 2. Dara Nagle, Doora/Barefield; 3. Aaron Lillis, Ennis St John’s; 4. Conor Hayes, Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly.
  • U-12 breaststroke: 1. Sean O’Brien, Ennis St John’s; 2. Conor O’Mahony, Doonbeg; 3. Enda Haren, Inch/Kilmaley/Connolly; 4. Ruairi Murphy, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor.
  • U-14 freestyle: 1. Rowan Barrett, Killaloe; 2. Thomas Coleman, Ennistymon/ Lahinch/Liscannor; 3. Dara O’Donnacha, Miltown Malbay; 4. Noel Shannon, Clarecastle/Ballyea.
  • U-14 backstroke: 1. Conor Grogan, Ennis St John’s; 2. Darren Ryan, Quin/Clooney; 3. Johnny Sheehan, Clarecastle/Ballyea; 4. Sean Keane, Ennis St John’s.
  • U-14 breaststroke: 1. Colm Lenihan, Miltown Malbay; 2. Conor Mahony, Clarecastle/Ballyea; 3. Darragh Cuddihy, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 4. Ben Purcell, Tulla.
  • U-14 butterfly: 1. Ruairi Power, Clarecastle/Ballyea; 2. Stephen Kennedy, Ennis St John’s.
  • U-16 freestyle: 1. Hugh McMahon, Doora/Barefield; 2. Lorcan Casey, Doora/Barefield; 3. Eanna O’Donnacha, Miltown Malbay.
  • U-16 back stroke: 1. Rory McEvoy, Doora/Barefield; 2. Ronan Corey, Ruan; 3. Conor Murphy, Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor.
  • U-16 butterfly: 1. Eoin McNamara, Ruan; 2. Nathan Coote, Doora/Barefield; 3. Marley Haugh, Ennis St John’s; 4. Conor Sheehy, Quin/Clooney.
  • U-13 freestyle relay: 1. Ennis St John’s; 2. Clarecastle/Ballyea; 3. Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor; 4. Doora/Barefield.
  • U-16 medley relay: 1. Doora/Barefield; 2. Ennis St John’s; 3. Ennistymon/Lahinch/Liscannor.
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